Confidential Sales

Some sellers of businesses and properties do not require their property to be marketed in a way that lets the general public know the premises or businesses are for sale.

We have a number of businesses on our register where the seller is most anxious that his staff are not aware that a sale is proceeding or does not wish to upset existing customers. The property is therefore marketed without a for sale board and without press advertising. It is handled by a Chartered Surveyor personally who would contact people known to be interested in buying that specific type of business and who have the funds to purchase. A confidential sale is agreed after viewings, which take place out of normal retail hours. This allows for the confidential sale with the minimum of fuss.

If you are anxious not to allow any of your neighbours to know that the property is for sale. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr David Briffett B.Sc (Hons) MRICS, Managing Director who would be happy to advise on a means of selling the property, quietly and confidentially.